Pre-congress activity

16:00-18:00                       REGISTRATION DESK OPENS

17:00-19:00                       Presentation of the documentary:  

                                            IMAGINE ELEPHANTS, AN EXPIRIENCE ABOUT PLAY AND CHILDHOOD.

19:00 hrs.                          Open discussion with producer Julian Maguna and director Elena Cruces



Day of main presentations 

8:00                                      REGISTRATION DESK OPENS

9:00                                      Opening, Presentation and Welcome

9:30                                      Introductory Lecture: Joaquín Blix

10:00                                    First main presenter: Mario Marrone

                                              Play, creativity and Interaction in Child Development

11:00                                    Questions s and Answers

11.30                                    Coffee break

12:00                                    Second Main Presenter: Fraser Brown

                                              The therapeutic value of play

13:00                                    Questions and answers

13:30                                    Lunch break (Lunch included)

15:00                                    Third Main Presenter: David Myrow and Susan Bundy-Myrow

                                              Theraplay: Putting Attachment Theory into Action

16:00                                    Questions and answers

16:30                                    Coffee break

17:00                                    Fourth Main Presenter: Dennis McCarthy

                                              Becoming the Storm - Using the Energy and Imagery of Symptoms

                                              in Play Therapy to Help Children Heal

                                              An introduction to Dynamic Play Therapy

18:00                                    Questions and Answers

18.30                                    Panel Discussion: "Children without play"

21:00                                    Gala dinner (Included)



Day of lectures and workshops 

9.00                                      Lectures and Workshops (1st round). More information.

12:00                                    Coffee break

12:30                                    Special Activity: SCENIC PLAY

                                              Function and defunction of the object, by José Carlos Soto.

                                              An object that can be transformed into a tool or a toy. Imagining and                                                                 Excitement are the basic components for an object to become a toy.  To Play is                                                 to Create. Creating from our play essence.

                                              Any  object becomes a toy with multiple possibilities. For the play to be                                                               possible, there must be an emotional and an imaginative implication.

                                              Once the toy leaves its projective function remains as an object, inert. Until a                                                     new player puts it into play. Returning to the ritual of  playing. A play in which                                                   we are creators. The experience of creation through playing transforms us and                                               leads us to new paths full of creativity.


13:30                                    Lunch break (Lunch included)

15:00                                    Lectures and Workshops (2nd Round). More information.

18:00                                    Coffee break

18:30                                    Closing remarks and Congress closure.